Your Angels Want To Assist You! If You Are Facing Challenges Or Seeking Answers, An Angel Guidance Reading With Melissa Will Give You The Support And Understanding You Need.

Gain clarity, confidence and clear direction
to move forward successfully.

Melissa Kitto - Angel Guidance Coach

Whatever it is that is challenging you the most right now –
your angels will help you move through it
and create what you desire most!

I know what it's like. You hit blocks and challenges and just feel stuck in certain areas of your life. It could be money problems, relationship difficulties or lack or a loving relationship, loneliness, a general feeling of searching for more meaning in your life, desiring a career change.. Whatever it is for you right now, it can feel overwhelming.

PhotoIt feels like a big black cloud over your head is keeping you stuck. It seems like no matter what you try to do to change things it doesn't work. You can give advice to others, but you feel like you can't help yourself out of this challenging situation.

I can assure you the perfect solution is just waiting for you. In fact, the solution to all of your worries may already have been revealed to you, you just were under so much pressure you didn't hear your guidance talking to you.

Your guides/angels have your solutions right now. No matter how big the problem seems, I assure you there IS a solution.

Your angels have a much bigger picture of your life purpose and the steps you can take to have what you desire. They WANT you to be successful, and can help you to get there! Isn't it comforting to know that your team of angels are always with you, helping & supporting you through any challenge you have in your life.


"I was able to get clear and focused on my business purpose moving forward."

Joy's PhotoIn her soft and gentle manner, Melissa was able to help me access the answers I needed for business at a critical time using her expertise in Angel Readings. In under 30 minutes, I was able to get clear and focused on my business purpose moving forward. It has made a HUGE impact on the growth and momentum in my business. I continue to work with Melissa and I highly recommend her to anyone who has a desire to discover the purpose in life and in business.

Joy Chudacoff, Success Coach and Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs
Founder, Smart Women Smart Solutions®


With all this help and wisdom available to you, it would be a shame not to access it! Although most people have intuitive ideas and hunches, they're not sure how to receive solid clear answers, and definite action steps from their angelic helpers. No one knows you better than your angels, and the very best help you can get comes from them. They have your answers and solutions!

But are you hearing them? Are you paying attention to the Lintening imageideas, hunches and insights you receive from your angels? Or, are you limiting yourself, or just not even hearing them at all?

Even if you are already very spiritually aware, it can be hard to receive clear guidance in an area of your life that is very emotional and challenging. It can be hard to trust yourself and follow through. It can be hard to discern the difference between the thoughts and doubts in your own mind vs what is the clear solution that your angels are giving you! It happens to everyone when you're in a particularly emotional and challenging situation.

You need to get out of your own way, and be supported by someone who has a clear connection to Spirit and can channel the messages of your angels for you.

That's what I will do for you in our Angel Guidance Reading together. I'll tune in directly to your team of guardian angels and reveal to you the messages that they want to share with you at this time. I'm completely detached from the fear and emotions that have kept you stuck, so I can give you clear, direct answers and action steps you can take to move you toward the success you seek.

I have had a direct communication with my own angels for over 20 years, and have spent the last 10 years fine-tuning my ability to channel messages and guidance for my clients. Every day I receive emails and calls from clients who are amazed and thankful for the accuracy of my Angel Guidance Readings.


“I’m so glad I did the Angel Reading, it helped me focus on the things I have to do and had been putting off” Debbie's Photo

I'm so glad I did the Angel reading, I got good advice that has helped me focus on the things I have to do and had been putting off. My Angels are guiding me to a better place where I will feel good with myself.

I have already started to make the hardest decisions of my life, and am on my way to letting go of the things that have not been working for me the past five years. I can feel my life shifting and this new year has started off with meeting new wonderful people that are helping me get on the path that I want to be. This is my year of abundance and happiness. Thanks Melissa for being part of the new me!

Debbie Acevedo Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Here's what you can expect from your
Angel Guidance Reading:

  • I share the information I receive for you with a very direct, practical yet kind approach. (not airy-fairy!)
  • You will receive encouragement and support to be true to yourself and fulfill your dreams and desires.
  • I will pass on to you direct messages from your personal team of guardian angels.
  • You'll receive Specific Action Steps you can implement immediately to achieve the results you desire.
  • You will FEEL the truth and validity of the reading for yourself.
  • I'll share with you what you have been resisting and exactly how to make the inner and outer changes necessary to create the results you desire.

I have a gift for tuning in to what is right for you, and your authentic path. Your life purpose and spiritual path is unique to you, and I'll guide you to the steps that are right for you, regardless of pressures that can come from outside.

In a very short time you will have the solutions and answers you need. By receiving guidance directly from your wise team of guardian angels you will cut out any indecisiveness, worry or confusion and move forward quickly to the results you desire!

“The reading Melissa did for me felt true, clear and provocative.”Thea

Melissa is a seasoned and highly skilled intuitive. The reading she did for me felt true, clear and it was provocative. I received clear guidance that will help me make better business decisions. I am exhilarated by the encouragement and challenge to step-up into my fuller capacity. Thanks so much!

Thea Sheldon, The True Voice Coach

“By the end of our reading, I was finally ready to move forward after several months of spinning my wheels.”barbara

I recently scheduled a short session with Melissa Kitto for an Angel Reading. I was at a point in my life where I wanted some clarity and help with focus. I had met Melissa  year ago and always thought she conduced herself with so much integrity while being kind and compassionate. She felt like the real deal, and therefore, was the first person I thought of when I decided to ask for help.

Even though we were only on the phone for 15 minutes, I felt a sense of calmness and well-being within minutes of our interaction. By the end, I was finally ready to move forward after several months of spinning my wheels. I felt supported and found a new sense of direction. I had been aware of my angels at different times in my life, but not for quite some time. Melissa helped me understand how I had stopped letting my angels in and I even got a very amusing vision of my angels ╥lounging around waiting for me to get my act to gether, just a little, so that they could jump in and offer assistance  to make the way easier.

After our session I had a great day feeling like I was, once again, moving forward. I anticipate consulting with Melissa again in the future if I get stuck.

Barbara Cummings, MS, RN

“You were able to tap into my life’s mission and gave me a very clear message about connecting people across the globe.”Photo

I would like to thank you so much for the amazing reading. I feel that you were able to establish a communication with my angels by identifying my concerns and the messages that I need to know. Your reading offered the solutions that definitely resonate with me.

I learned a great deal from the reading which touched upon my current path in life, my business potential and the blockages that I need to confront, as well as various business and marketing tactics to improve my website and marketing.╩ I am very pleased that you were able to tap into my life’s mission and gave me a very clear message that I can see about connecting people across the globe.

You did outstanding work and I would like to thank you again. This was very helpful!

Yehuda Inbar, NY

“I gained answers to my questions on what my focus is now.”Marina

Lots of what I got through Angelic reading was reassurance of something I knew deep inside. I gained answers to my questions on what is my focus and increased awareness of my limited pattern i.e. fear of success that I choose to let go of now. It felt empowering and like a breath of fresh air easy to choose to apply like taking a few deep breaths.

Marina Duskov, London, UK

I will not predict your future for you, but will share with you the wise angelic guidance that will move you forward right now. My clients realize that they need to take responsibility for their own lives and that the Angel Guidance Reading gives them more clarity, more understanding and higher motivation and enthusiasm for success! There are no promises or guarantees, just practical advice and guidance that your angels most want you to hear, right now.

You direct the reading by sending my assistant questions in advance about what you would like to focus on. Your Angel Guidance Reading can help you to:

  • Create more financial abundance in your life
  • Find the ideal career or business that's in alignment with your life purpose
  • Have increased health and wellbeing
  • Overcome blocks and fears that have been keeping you stuck and stride forward confidently to your best life
  • Discover your soul's unique mission and purpose
  • Attract the ideal romantic partner or improve the relationships you have
  • Move forward with your spiritual path and feel more happiness & satisfaction in your life
  • Know what you want and be open to receiving it

The solutions are there for you, and
your angels are ready to reveal them!

Invest in your Angel Guidance Reading today, and you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your appointment. Readings are done over the phone by appointment.

BonusYou will receive one month's free membership in the Angels Inner Circle.

Through the Inner Circle audio classes & Intuitive coaching calls you will connect more closely with your angels, develop your intuitive gifts, and learn tools to feel more inner joy and live an abundant life.

BonusYou will receive an MP3 recording of your reading so you can listen to it again and again. This way, you won't have to make notes during the call and will be fully present. When you re-listen to the audio, you will hear new things and gain new insights!

I have a limited number of appointment times available each month, so don't delay!

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With love, success and backing,

Melissa Kitto
Angel Guidance Coach

P.S- Are you ready to finally move forward, move past resistance and live a life of joy and purpose? I thought so. Tune in to your true inner feelings right now. You will know immediately if this is the right opportunity for you by looking within beyond your fears. Take action!