3 Tips for Improving Your Intuition

You are an intuitive, psychic being picking up impressions and hunches every day. But are you acknowledging this, and trusting the intuition you have? Learn three tips to TRUST your intuition more so you can step in to the powerful awareness that you have and change your life!

Hi this is Melissa with communicatewithangels.com and today’s video is some tips on how to trust your intuition more. This Is one of the most common questions I get asked by people: How do I develop my intuition? And so I want to give you three tips today on how to trust that more.

So the first tip is to believe that you are intuitive, that you are psychic. You have to have that place of belief in yourself first. If you’re still doubting that you even know anything or that you can pick up anything through your intuition, it’s going to hinder you from really trusting it. So tune into your inner guidance today and really feel into the truth of whether this is true for you. Are you psychic? Are you an infinite psychic being? Or are you just a human inner body going around living your life? I think most of you are going to say that you know deep down inside that you are a psychic being. You are a soul, a spiritual being having a physical experience. Yet on a day-to-day basis, maybe you’re not living your life that way. So first of all, have that real faith in yourself inside, knowing that you are psychic and you do have awareness. So many of us were taught when we were little that we were lesser than, that we don’t know anything but you do, you have a lot of psychic power. So Tip #1 is believe that you even are psychic!

Now, Tip #2 is to trust or to acknowledge when you do have these intuitive hunches or psychic awareness. It will come to you at random moments in time. It might be like a flash, a picture, a memory, a dream, a knowing, an idea and it just comes in and the more logical part of yourself can very quickly come in and tell you that’s not real, that’s silly, you just made that up, you’re just imagining it…yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. So be kind to yourself. Don’t put yourself down like maybe other people did to you when you were little. Use that logical part of yourself to trust it and pin it down like “Oh! I just had an idea, what does it mean?” Not, “that’s silly” and put it out of your mind. You need to work for yourself, not against yourself and a lot of people are so much in their head and in their logic that they block their intuition before it’s even begun. So use your intellect to acknowledge what it is you just picked up. And then you can take it deeper as well, through your intuition.

Tip #3 is to organize it and take action on it. Maybe you don’t take action on it right away. Maybe you ponder it for a while but once you believe that you have it, you’ve acknowledged and picked something up then you’re actually going to apply that wisdom into your life. Sometimes the timing on that might be quick – it might be right in the moment!  Maybe you’re having a conversation with somebody and you get this intuitive hit to share a story or to share a certain insight with them and it happens right in the moment and it’s done and you’ve taken action on it. Maybe it’s more of an idea for the future. That’s when it’s a little more challenging because maybe you have a little more time to talk yourself out of it. What I suggest is write it down and say “How am I going to make this practical and how am I going to apply this intuitive awareness that I’ve just had into my life – to be more successful, to be more free, to be more happy?” or whatever it is for you.

So trust, acknowledge, believe in yourself and apply it in a practical way because really, if all this psychic stuff isn’t practical, what’s the point, you know? It’s not for the sake of having a good time and then going and living your life in a normal and mundane way. This is going to add a richness and creativity and a power to your life that is truly magical. Let me know in the comments below what you learned from this and how you use your intuition and I invite you to visit my website, www.communicatewithangels.com where I have a lot more free resources for you on how to develop your intuition, communicate with your team of angels and live your unique life purpose. I’ll see you over there!

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