The First Key to Developing Your Intuition

Trust and Believe that you are Already Intuitive

Do you doubt yourself sometimes? Do you think that others are more intuitive than you are? Do you ever get a hunch then question if you just made it up? When you doubt, question and don’t trust your inner guidance, you quickly limit the capacity of your intuitive power. It’s important now to truly believe that you are an intuitive being. Come back to the principle that You are Energy. As a child you knew this without questioning it. Come back to that wisdom you had as a child.

When you truly believe that you are Intuitive, and you don’t question it anymore, you will start using your inner guidance as a tool to move you forward in practical ways in your life. Whatever it is that you truly desire to create or change in your life now can come to pass.

How much energy are you wasting by holding yourself back? Are you driving with the brakes on in your life? It’s time to take the foot off the brake and move with a smoother, swifter flow to create what you desire. Your Intuitive Impressions can be used in a practical way in your life. When you are in touch with your intuition you will find solutions to create more career success, improved finances, grow your business, create a better family life, attract a new wonderful relationship or improve the relationships you already have, improve your health and have more fun.
For most people there are one or two areas of life that you most want to change. This area calls you attention a lot of the time. What are those one or two areas for you?

I call on my intuition and the help of my angels a lot to help me parent my son. After all, there is no instruction manual for parenting. There’s no right or wrong answer. One day one approach might work and the next day it doesn’t work at all! Thus, when I trust my intuition I am guided to the best approach to take at different moments. This is so incredibly helpful. You can’t do this from logic; it comes from your intuition.

Approaching your life from intuition first as opposed to logic will help all areas of your life expand with ease. You’ll be in a more relaxed flow in your life. The intellectual, logical part of you is limited in what it can perceive and know. Your intuition is unlimited. You are receiving hundreds of hunches and impressions each day through your inner guidance. You receive inspirations and ideas from your team of spiritual helpers, from your own awareness and sometimes through other people. Start to listen to these hunches and inspirations and watch the magic unfold in your life.

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