The 5 Statements that Form the Foundation of Your Spiritual Life

I’d like to share with you the Five Statements that are the Foundation of your Spiritual Life. We could go into a lot more depth and talk for days about each one of these, but if we really distill it down, these 5 statements are the truth of your life on Planet Earth. (Shared with permission of Alley Copyrights & Wayshowers College, Inc.)

You are Energy.
You have Inner Guidance.
You are Free.
You have a Unique Purpose and Thrust.
You are here to learn and grow.

Firstly, You Are Energy. Science measures your life force as 4 British Thermal Units. As energy, you are very sensitive and you pick up thoughts and feelings from other people and the environment. You are not a body, you are energy. You HAVE a body but it is not the real you.

When you learn to direct your energy towards what you desire, you can manifest amazing things into your life. 
Science tells us that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be redirected and changed into another form. You need to learn to direct your energy towards what you desire instead of using it to limit you. Are you blocked by limiting thoughts? You can shift this and direct your energy to creating more peace, harmony and abundance into your life.

Statement Number 2 is You Are Free. Contrary to what you have been taught, you are free. You have free will and choice at all times. You grew up in a world where you were taught that there is right and wrong, good and bad. You may be afraid of making a mistake or the “wrong choice” because you believe that there is a right way or a wrong way. You will be free when you realize that there is no right and wrong. There is only choice. You have the freedom to choose whatever you desire.
Obviously, society has put rules in place that keep us respecting each others’ boundaries. If you make a choice that is breaking the law, you might get caught and suffer the consequences. If you make a choice that hurts another person, you would have to deal with the consequences of that choice and you probably prefer not to make such choices. However, there are ways that you limit yourself that have nothing to do with breaking the law or interfering with someone else’s boundaries. It’s the “shoulds” that you have been taught that limit you the most. When you break free of the “shoulds” that don’t fit with your true feelings, you truly have the freedom to create your life.

Statement Number 3 is You Have Inner Guidance. How many times have you had a hunch, an idea, an inspiration come in to your consciousness? It might come in as a thought, a feeling, a picture or a dream. You are an intuitive psychic being, and so you’re picking up these inspirations all the time. These inspirations hold a lot of wisdom for your life if you just learn to pay attention to them. You can learn to trust that inner guidance instead of talking yourself out of it. Live from intuition first, and the magic of life opens up to you.

You have a Unique Purpose and Thrust is Statement Number 4. You came here with a unique purpose. You have a unique vibration that you are here to express in this lifetime. We call that your spiritual thrust. There are some areas of life that fit with your unique purpose and other areas of life that don’t. You can learn to discover what your purpose is and then how to make it fit within the outer world so you are truly living your niche in life.

Statement Number 5 is You Are Here to Learn and Grow.  Planet Earth is like a big spiritual school. You came here to expand your state of consciousness through experience. You came to learn more about yourself, to overcome the ways that you have limited yourself in the past and to expand into new areas of growth. Often this means moving out of your comfort zone. As you learn more about yourself, you can be an inspiration to others who sincerely want to grow themselves too.

Now we’d love to hear from you. Which one of the 5 Statements stands out the most to you? What did you learn from this?

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4 thoughts on “The 5 Statements that Form the Foundation of Your Spiritual Life”

  1. Thanks a lot Melissa
    For me statement # 1, 3, 4, 5 are working more…
    Only #2 is not exactly fit with my behavior….I am looking to help everyone…and to be “on line” every moment….this may be block my freedo…
    May be this is my life mission

      1. Thank you , Melissa .
        We are ONE all the people, animal , leaving beings….so how I am taking care for others , I will offer my help to myself

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