The 3rd Key to Developing Your Intuition

Practice using your spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling.

You are a spiritual being and you have all four of these types of perception. You can develop and practice using all of them. At first it may feel uncomfortable tuning in to the inner guidance of these spiritual gifts. But it is the real you. So it’s re-awakening what you’ve had within since you were a child.

These four spiritual gifts come through as your inner guidance. They are the inner seeing, inner feeling, inner hearing and inner knowing.

Your gift of Intuition is your Clairaudient part. Through your gift of Intuition you will hear the still, small voice inside. You might hear your name called and there’s no one there. Or you might hear music in your mind. You can develop this gift by receiving Intuitive Impressions, as in words, sentences and verbal messages.

Your gift of Vision is your Clairvoyant part. Through this gift you will see pictures, symbols, dreams and visions. This part of you can visualize your goals and imagine them so that they come into fruition in the real world. You can develop this gift through visualization and receiving visual messages from your guidance. You will see auras and see energy in other people.

Your gift of Prophecy is your Inner Knowing. You know things without being told, and you can get premonitions about the future. Your Prophetic part is very creative. You can develop this part of yourself by sensing the future or sensing the energy of a project and knowing where you fit within it. It’s important to trust that you know what you know. Your Prophetic part also has the ability to go into trance. You can learn to go into a semi-trance or deep meditation to pick up impressions of the universe. Through the Wayshowers College and New Spiritual Horizons programs you can learn to do all of these things. Through simple and practical tools, we de-mystify it all. You can receive glimpses of your past lifetimes through your Prophetic Gift also.

Lastly, your gift of Feeling is your Healing part. You will receive hunches, feelings and even physical sensations. Your feeling gift has the ability to do hands-on healing, directing energy to heal and to help others and yourself. This is also the gift of Psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to hold an object in your hands and pick up impressions from it. You will receive feelings from your Guides.

I find my Feeling gift is a powerful tool when I’m indecisive and in that “Will I? Won’t I?” space. At those times I tune in to my feelings and ask myself “How do I REALLY feel about this deep down inside?” And my feelings indicate where the truth is for me.

Developing your four gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling is very experiential. This is why I would love to invite you to attend a workshop or group session in person with us. This is the most powerful way to develop your intuition and truly trust your Inner Guidance. You will only get so far by reading books and practicing by yourself. You will expand so much faster when you attend a class and participate in techniques with other people. Many of the techniques you’ll learn in these workshops can only be done in groups, and will bring you a sense of peace, clarity and joy that you may never have experienced before.

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