The 3rd Key to Developing Your Intuition

Practice using your spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling.

You are a spiritual being and you have all four of these types of perception. You can develop and practice using all of them. At first it may feel uncomfortable tuning in to the inner guidance of these spiritual gifts. But it is the real you. So it’s re-awakening what you’ve had within since you were a child.

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How to Develop Your Psychic Gift of Prophecy

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball to know what was going to happen in the future? Well guess what, you actually have one! Except it’s not a ball, it’s your psychic gift of Prophecy. In this video, you will look into your future to get a sense of what is coming. Be sure to comment on our blog what you experience in doing this technique!

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How to Develop Your Gift of Clairvoyance

Your gift of Vision or Clairvoyance is the part of you that can visualize, and manifest your dreams into reality. In this week’s video, you’ll practice a technique to begin developing your manifesting power!

Once you’ve practiced this technique please share below: How easy is it for you to visualize? What scene did you imagine?

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7 Ways to Receive Messages from Your Guardian Angels

Everybody has angels! If you just have one or two helpers, you’ve probably come to work with things or ideas. If you have more than two helpers, you have come to work with people. You simply need more help when your life purpose is about working with other people.

Your angels/ guides/ helpers are already communicating with you in many different ways. I have learned that I don’t need to TRY to do these things; it comes naturally when I stay relaxed and don’t doubt myself. How many times have you wished you had a big shoe to kick yourself because you didn’t follow through on your first impressions?

Your first impressions come from your feeling part; the good, kind, loving, sharing, understanding part of you. This is the part of you that your angels work with. It is only when your thinking part or intellect gets in the way that you miss the messages of our angels. It’s like having a strong feeling or desire to do something, then overanalyzing and dissecting it to the point where you have talked yourself out of it. There can always be worry and excuses, but this kind of thinking will block your angel’s messages from coming through.

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How to Reach Your Goals Using Your Four Intuitive Impressions

You have four spiritual gifts or means of perception. Each one of these gifts is vital in helping you to be organized to achieve your goals. As a soul you move by desire. Once you clearly define what it is you want, then you can fulfill the life purpose you were born for. Each step, of Planification, Execution and Labor is essential in getting you there too. You can use each of your four spiritual gifts in each of these three steps to fully master yourself, and fulfill your purpose.

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