The Real Reason You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

Do you have trouble sleeping? Usually I don’t have much problem falling asleep because I’m physically exhausted from the activities of the day! Sometimes I do have trouble, or I wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep.

In my experience there are two main reasons why a person has trouble falling asleep at night.

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How to Ask Your Angels for More Help and Strength

We all go through times of feeling scared, lost or alone. At those times,you can call on your angels for help and strength. But you may have forgotten to ask because you felt low. In this video, I share three tips on how you can call on your angels for assistance at those times when you need it most.

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What is the Difference Between Spirit Guides and Angels?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between spirit guides and angels? Or is there a difference at all? I’ll address this question for you in today’s video. My answer might surprise you!

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Practical Ways to Work with Your Angels on a Daily Basis


In this week’s video tip, you’ll learn about the simple, practical ways your angels can assist you that you might not have considered. Often, we remember to ask for help with the big decisions, and forget that our angels are with us 24 hours a day and can help us with the little things too. Enjoy!

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My Interview with the Whole Being Zone Show!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.59.46 AMCheck out my interview with Wendy Reese of the Whole Being Zone Show podcast! 

We talk all about connecting with angels, the secrets to discovering one’s life purpose, how to trust inner guidance… and so much more!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. :)


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Discovering the 4 Zones of Consciousness

There are 4 zones of consciousness around this school we call Planet Earth. Many religions refer to hierarchies of angels and levels of understanding. There is truth to this but much of it has become over complicated. A simpler way to understand this is the 4 Zones.

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Master Souls: What They Do and Don’t Do

You have a team of master souls or angels who are working with you all the time. Learning to connect and communicate with them can be one of the most enlightening things you do in your life!

In order to have a clear communication with your team, you need to have a good understanding of how they communicate. Think of this article as the do’s and don’ts of connecting with D Zone.

There are four zones of consciousness around Planet Earth. I’ll share more detail about this in a future article, but for now here’s a brief overview.

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Discover the Secret to Communicating with Your Angels

Do you have trouble communicating with your angels despite having read all the books and attended all the workshops? You’re not alone. However, if you’ve already learned techniques to establish a connection with your guides then the problem is not that you can’t communicate with your angels, it’s that you don’t discern what you are picking up.

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Follow Your Heart’s Desire and You’ll Never “Work” a Day in Your Life

You may have been taught to look for love outside of yourself.When you are very young, during your first seven years, you tend to pick up the beliefs and habits of the people who raise you. Sooner or later, these tendencies become a part of you. As you get older, you might start to question the concepts your parents taught you about who you are and what your potential is.

For example, there was a man who wanted his son to be a lawyer. This man believed that law was the only respectable career that was suitable for his son. So because the son had heard all his life that he was to be a lawyer, he followed suit and went to law school to become a lawyer. However, the son was never happy at law school; in fact he was miserable. The only time he was happy was when he was playing music. Because he was so unhappy, he used drugs and alcohol as an escape. This only made his problem worse as he escalated further into depression and despair.

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The Truth About Channeling

by Melissa Kitto

Would you like to learn to channel the messages of your angels? You can do this with just a little time and practice.

When you read the word channeling, what does this mean to you? The term means different things to different people. To me, it means being an open recipient to the messages of higher souls.

There are many ways of channeling. To some in the new age community, only one way of channeling exists. The belief is that a medium will go into trance and have a high soul communicate through this person’s vocal cords. The medium has no memory of the time passed if they are in a full trance, or they are in a semi-trance with some consciousness of what is happening. Their voice and mannerisms shift as the soul communicates through them.

This type of trance channeling can certainly be a way of bringing forth the messages of Spirit. However, it is very important to clarify who is being channeled. There are many souls without bodies gravitating around Planet Earth and not all of them are what we would call “high souls” or D Zone souls. D Zone souls have graduated from Planet Earth. These souls become our spiritual helpers on earth.

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