Your Life Purpose is Not an Assignment!

This week it’s tough love time! Over many years of helping clients to find and live their purpose I’ve noticed that most people treat their life purpose like an assignment they are supposed to complete. If you are using the words “What am I supposed to be doing?” (Keywords “supposed to!” ) then you have made this mistake.

It’s not your fault, because no one taught you any differently. But if you keep treating your life purpose like an assignment you’re supposed to complete, you will end up feeling pressured and frustrated. You may feel that you just don’t know what your purpose is and you don’t know what to do. Good news. In today’s video and blog post, you’ll learn how to take a different approach to finding and living your purpose that you CAN succeed at. It will feel so freeing when you do this! Enjoy!

Hi, it’s Melissa here with Communicate with Angels. I help spiritual seekers just like you learn to communicate directly with your angels or inner guidance and live your unique life purpose. Today we’re doing some truth talk, people!

Today’s topic is your life purpose is not an assignment. Continue reading “Your Life Purpose is Not an Assignment!”

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