How to Find Your True Heart’s Desire


Do you struggle with knowing what you truly want? It’s important to uncover your heart’s desires because they pull you forward to your purpose and direction in life.

Watch the video to learn what motivates you now, and how to be motivated by your true calling! Experience a process to uncover what you truly desire.


Hi, it’s Melissa with I help spiritual seekers like you find their life purpose and communicate with their angels so they can get the answers on what they’re here to do in this lifetime.

Today’s topic is How to Find Your True Heart’s Desire. Now, this may be something that’s a challenge for you because I know I was never taught growing up to find my heart’s desire. And I’ve had many clients who have come to me and said, “Melissa, I don’t know what I want.”  And I don’t buy it. If you’ve been telling yourself that, I don’t buy it and I’ll tell you why, though it sounds a little bit mean.

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Free 5 Day Live Your Purpose Challenge

Do you ever feel like a square peg in a round hole? Lost and confused? Seeking direction and purpose in your life?

Then you’re invited to join the FREE 5 Day Live your Purpose Challenge!

In this challenge you will align with your unique life purpose and get clear on the very next step to fulfill that purpose.


Hi it’s Melissa with Today I have an invitation for you.

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re a square peg in a round hole? That what you’re doing in your life doesn’t bring you any fulfillment or joy? You’re often feeling like there must be more to life than this. Maybe a yearning for something more or something different, an inner crying that indicates that something needs to change but you’re just not sure what that is and how to go about doing it. Continue reading “Free 5 Day Live Your Purpose Challenge”

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3 Keys to Finding Your Life Purpose

You know you have a purpose and you are unique. Yet how do you KNOW for sure what your true life’s purpose is? If you are struggling with that, then this video gives you 3 essential keys to finding your life purpose. Once you find your purpose and get more and more in alignment with it, your happiness, abundance and success will increase tenfold. So it’s worth finding!

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