Feeling Stuck? Your Angels Can Help.

Ever feel stuck or indecisive in your life? I think we all do!!

When you feel that way, you can ask your angels for help and assistance. In this video you’ll learn how to approach asking your angels for clarity and a technique I use when I am making a decision to get very clear on what is the best path to take.


Hi this is Melissa with CommunicateWIthAngels.com. I help spiritual seekers communicate directly with their angels and find their unique purpose in life. Today we’re talking about Are you Feeling Stuck?  Your angels can help you make some decisions.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your life, indecisive, maybe that you’re going through a transition time – know that that’s completely normal.

I’ve actually experienced that feeling myself. We tend to have this concept that we should always be growing and progressing but actually spiritual growth is not always like that. There are some growth times and some regrouping times. If you’re in a regrouping time, it doesn’t help to feel stuck. You’re really looking for some clarity and I get that. Continue reading “Feeling Stuck? Your Angels Can Help.”

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