The 2nd Key to Developing Your Intuition

Balance Your Thinking and Feeling Natures

As a soul here on Planet Earth you have two parts to your nature; your intellectual nature and your feeling nature.

Your intellectual nature is the logical, analyzing, dissecting, organizing part of you. Your feeling nature is your intuition, experiences, desires and where the real power lies. When we talk about your intuition or psychic ability; we are really referring to this feeling nature.
You need both of these parts of your nature to be in balance. This is not about diminishing the intellect. The intellect is not bad. It just needs to be used for the correct purpose. The purpose of your intellectual nature is to organize you and direct you toward what you desire to achieve.
The feeling nature is the power of you as a soul. It has infinite awareness. It is the initial inspiration or desire that motivates you to organize yourself toward a goal and take action.
When your intellectual and feeling natures are in balance you willl be in the right place at the right time and feel in the Flow of Life. Your flow in Balance is Feel – Think – Act. In other words, you will get an impression, feeling or desire through your Feeling Nature, then Organize that idea to be able to be accomplished with your Intellectual Nature, and the Act or Do it! The Feel – Think – Act flow just keeps moving at your own pace.
The trouble occurs when a person gets out of balance. If a person has an over-developed intellect and an underdeveloped feeling nature, this is a semi-intellectual state of consciousness. If you’re in this out of balance state, you might over-analyze things, doubt yourself, limit yourself, worry, etc. It’s too much thinking and not enough feeling and acting. The over-thinking will cause you to limit yourself and hold yourself back. Your habits are doubting yourself, limiting yourself and worrying.  Instead of Feel – Think – Act this is more like Feel, Think, Think, Think, Think, maybe act. Or maybe go back to feeling then over-thinking again! If you have a tendency to over-think or procrastinate then you know you are experiencing a semi-intellectual state of consciousness. You don’t act on your ideas because you’ve analyzed the initial idea so much that you’ve talked yourself out of it completely. No wonder this type of person often feels stuck.

If a person has an over-developed feeling nature and an underdeveloped intellectual nature, they are experiencing the Unbalanced Feeling State of Consciousness. They have a tendency to do everything for everybody else and leave themselves out. Or they lack organization and direction from their intellectual nature to make their actions effective. They tend to be a daydreamer. They have lots of feelings, inspirations and ideas but don’t put them into action. The daydreaming about their ideas is more fun than actually doing something about it.

You probably recognize yourself in all three of these different states of consciousness. Your goal will be to come back to balance as often as you can. When you’re balanced everything flows. When little challenges come up, you can regroup it and keep moving towards what you desire. It’s important to have clear direction. If you have no goals, you’ll get stuck along the way.

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How to Find Your Purpose in Life

The idea of having a unique life purpose is something that has fascinated me since I was a teenager. In my younger years I followed the obvious path in front of me, but slowly but surely I learned to look within and find my own passions in purpose instead of doing what everyone else expected of me.

Some people discover how to do this early in life, and some later in life, and some never do it. Whatever stage of life you are at, it is not too late to discover your unique life purpose. Here are some tips that will help you get started on this road to self-discovery. Continue reading “How to Find Your Purpose in Life”

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Connect with Your Angels Interview on Cinnamon Moon at Night


Check out this interview I did for Cinnamon Moon at Night’s online radio show. I shared all about how your angels communicate with you and how you can be more in touch with them. The conversation turned to how to live your life purpose and also how to navigate the current pressures on the Planet and stay in the light despite the negativity in the environment.

CinnamonMoon at Night with Melissa Kitto Angel Guidance Coach

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The Real Reason You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

Do you have trouble sleeping? Usually I don’t have much problem falling asleep because I’m physically exhausted from the activities of the day! Sometimes I do have trouble, or I wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep.

In my experience there are two main reasons why a person has trouble falling asleep at night.

Continue reading “The Real Reason You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night”

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How to Balance Your Chakras

The 7 chakra centers are spiritual energy centers that are connected to areas of the physical body. In Sanskrit the word chakra means “wheel”. You can think of chakras as wheels of energy. They are constantly moving in a circular motion.

Keeping your chakras balanced and open is the key to feeling healthy, vibrant and energetic. When your chakras are balanced, your energy is vibrating at a very high frequency which allows you to attract opportunities and magnetize your success more easily. The chakras are little understood.

Knowledge is power! It’s time for you to learn what the chakra centers represent so you can begin to heal them.

Continue reading “How to Balance Your Chakras”

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The 2 Key Chakras That Will Balance Your Energy Flow

The chakras are spiritual energy centers in the body. Discover how the inflow and outflow of energy works within your chakra system and why balance is so important.


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My Interview with Today’s Leading Women

Learn How to Access Your Inner Guidance!

My Interview with Marie Grace Berg of Today’s Leading Women


Listen to my interview to learn:

  • My path to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • Advice for balancing your work and your life
  • Top 3 business tips

I would love to help YOU feel fully supported and confident to move past your own fears and embrace your dreams with the help of your angels!

Check out the interview HERE.

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Growing Beyond Your Version of Fear of Success

Confession time. This past Sunday, I had some time to myself while Richard took Liam out to the farmer’s market and also while Liam was napping. The energy was DIRECTION this past weekend, and it inspired me to do some planning for my business, where I want to go, what programs I want to offer, and the tasks I will need to do to get there.

Since October last year, I’ve felt like I was in a transition stage in my business, and I was really confused about where to take things. I hired several business mentors to help me get back on track.

Now, nearly a year later, I’ve finally got the vision of the next steps for my business and fulfilling my purpose in the world. I have never had so much crystal clear clarity about my plan than I did on Sunday. (So if you’re in transition right now, be patient, it can take a while to get through it! But it’s worth it!)

I created my plan, and my calendar for the next 12 months. I mapped out all the projects I’ll do, when I’ll do them and what tasks will need to be accomplished to get there. It was incredibly exciting to have the clarity to get it all down on paper! Usually I can plan 3 months out at the most. I felt elated about it!

Continue reading “Growing Beyond Your Version of Fear of Success”

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Those Sneaky Limiting Thoughts – How to Come from a Place of Abundance

A long time ago I heard the phrase, “Your thoughts create your reality.” What does this mean to you? I think the truth goes a little bit deeper. As Francisco Coll shared, “You’re not what you think you are, you are what you think.”

You may consciously tell yourself certain thoughts, but subconsciously be actually thinking the opposite. For example, during a session with one of my Life Purpose Breakthroughs clients recently, we discovered a situation like this. She has concerns about the safety and wellbeing of her son who is getting into trouble. Her conscious thoughts are, “I know it’s his life and he needs to learn his own lessons in his own time. I can’t interfere.” Continue reading “Those Sneaky Limiting Thoughts – How to Come from a Place of Abundance”

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How to Embrace Success and Use Your Work as a Means to Fulfill Your Spiritual Purpose





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