Four simple steps to making your dreams a reality!

Have you ever set a goal and then wondered why it never happens? I am an ambitious person and I get really excited about the idea of creating a life that is inspiring, fun and abundant with success and opportunities. I’m sure you are too. I used to have a habit of writing down my ideas and goals in a book, but then never doing anything with them. A few months later I would write down the same goals again, and over and over again I would never manage to achieve them.

After a time I realized that something had to change! This was a pretty disorganized and ineffective way to have what I wanted in my life! So at the beginning of 2010 I tried a new approach to setting goals for the year. I found a process that WORKS! Richard and I set some pretty big goals for that year, and achieved almost all of them. We had two month long overseas trips to New Zealand, and then UK & Europe, we bought a motorcycle, Richard was interviewed on NZ national TV, we bought a new living room set, and mentored with our fantastic business coach James Roche at a high level. All of these things were BIG leaps that would never have happened if we hadn’t figured out a practical and effective process to manifesting our goals into reality.

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How to use “people resources” to grow spiritually more easily and quickly

by Melissa Kitto

Are you a loner? Hey, I can relate. I would definitely class myself more as an introvert than an extrovert. However, your spiritual growth actually depends on sharing with people. You will get limited results from being alone.

Many people don’t realize the importance of OUTFLOW. Outflow is the sharing of your ideas, skills and wisdom with others. You do not need to be a best-selling author to outflow. Having outflow is important for everyone. It is a spiritual NEED to outflow.

If you don’t get enough outflow, you will start to feel full-up inside. You may start to feel fed up, despondent, fatigued and depressed. Have you ever noticed that when you have a great conversation with a good friend you feel light, energized and enthusiastic?

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Change is Growth

By Richard LassiterRichard

My life is in a state of change. The changes accelerated when, in April, I needed to decide whether to retire from teaching graphic design in June, or stick it out another year. It was not an easy choice because I enjoy teaching, I like my students and love what I teach. There is also security in having a consistent income, health insurance, etc.

So, why would I retire? Because I have a mission to accomplish this lifetime and teaching high school is not it. Melissa said to me one day, “You are helping 75 students a year teaching when you could be helping thousands.” I got chills when she said that and deep inside realized I was past due to take a leap of faith.

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Why Worry?

melissa_blueMy father’s side of the family, the Kittos have a long history of worrying! In the bible there is a quote: “The sins of the fathers are passed on to the next generation”. We all pick up the habits; good and not so good; from our parents. So somewhere along the line I picked up my father’s habit of worrying.

I remember when I moved to the United States, my Dad was concerned about my choices and worried about me a lot. Nearly every night I would wake up about 3 in the morning and have fears and worrying thoughts that I couldn’t shake. Thoughts like “am I doing the right thing? Should I move back to New Zealand? I should go back and get a real job instead of being self-employed? Am I doing something wrong?”

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How to Manifest What You Truly Desire

melissa_blueHow can you manifest what you truly want and desire? Many of us try hard to create the life we want, but somehow fall short. It can be frustrating to have goals and dreams in life but never quite manage to reach them. It is possible to ATTRACT everything you want in life and more, but there are some important principles that need to be in place for this to happen.

I struggled for years to move forward and make big changes in my life, but always seemed to end up in the same place I was before. Through experience I’ve learned why this was happening and how to move past this stuck place. Here are the 5 essential keys to manifest what you truly desire:

1. Be clear about what you want.

It’s not enough to set broad, overarching goals that aren’t specific. You need to have clarity about what you desire. I am a very visual person, so a couple of years ago I decided to make a vision board. I created this vision board in the way I saw everyone else doing it. I cut out pictures from magazines that were symbolic of what I wanted. I wanted to travel through Europe, so I found a picture of a European looking house and stuck it on the vision board. I wanted nice furniture for my home, so I found a cute looking living room and stuck it on the board.

The trouble is, these pictures weren’t specific enough. I have no idea where that building is in Europe, or whether it’s even in Europe! Perhaps it’s in South America. And deep down I knew that the picture of a living room wasn’t really what I wanted my living room to look like. So there was a feeling of disconnect everytime I looked at the vision board. It didn’t work.

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5 simple steps to begin automatic writing

By Melissa Kitto

melissa_blueAutomatic writing (the ability to receive messages from your angels through written messages) is a skill that anyone can develop. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for receiving clear messages from your Angels. Often, after an automatic writing session I look back on what I wrote and say “Wow! I know those words did not come from me!” The messages will reflect the personality of your guides as they come through. If you are searching for answers or guidance on a particularly challenging situation, or just for your life in general – try automatic writing.

When you do automatic writing you are developing your Feeling Gift. Your Feeling Gift is skilled at working with your hands. For those of you that are strong in the gift of Feeling automatic writing will come more naturally to you. But ANYONE can do this! Each time you practice you will have a new and deeper experience. Just go with whatever happens. Don’t allow the analyzing, dissecting part of you to judge – just do!

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The 7 Steps to a Spirit-Guided Life

melissa_blueby Melissa Kitto

After doing this Spiritual Work for over 20 years, my guidance have revealed to me a simple, step-by-step process to take you from wherever you are now, to fully embracing your purpose-filled, successful life. You did not come to Planet Earth to suffer. You came to learn about yourself, to grow, to be successful, to be happy and to be of service to others.

If you feel that you are not doing any of those above things, then you have something to learn from the 7 Steps to a Spirit-Guided Life. The process is simple and you can continually come back to it again and again at each new stage of your growth. You are always evolving, expanding and improving yourself so these 7 Steps will become like a spiral that is ever evolving upwards.

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How to Use your Angel’s Guidance in a Practical Way Each Day

melissa_blueBy Melissa Kitto

The most common word I have heard people use to describe the work that we do is “practical”. This is truly what sets our work (and others trained by the Americana Leadership College) apart from everything else out there in the world of spiritual growth and development. It is very practical tools that you can apply into your life immediately.

I love the term that my friend and business mentor Alicia Forest uses to describe her spirituality. She says she is “Just one woo”. Me too! I have no desire to be woo-woo. The woo-woo pychics and mediums are a dime a dozen. They are doing the best they know how, but unfortunately there is a lack of good training and understanding about how spiritual laws really work. Unless it’s practical and will help you in your life.. what good is it?

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5 Essential Keys for Communicating with Your Angels

melissa_blueBy Melissa Kitto

Did you realize that you have the ability to communicate with your angels 24 hours a day? If you’re not doing that, or you don’t know how, this article will provide you with 5 Essential Keys to being in close contact with your angels.

Your angels are sending you hundreds of impressions and hunches every day. But there are certain qualities and habits you’ll need to develop in order to recognize your angels messages. Be patient with yourself as you practice this. If you’re not used to listening to your intuition, it can take some time to develop it again. As a child you were in constant contact with your angels, and you can be so again!

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Reincarnation: The Evolution of your Soul

RichardBy Richard Lassiter

Reincarnation is the way you have evolved as a soul. You are reincarnation. You are the grand total of every experience you have had throughout eons of time. Francisco Coll once told me, “You are like a piece of the sun that has freed itself and are becoming a sun within yourself.”

You have traveled this universe many times. The people close to you – your loved ones, your friends, people you enjoy fellowshipping with – probably have been with you many lifetimes. When you have a close, warm feeling toward someone you meet for the first time, it probably means that you have been with him or her before in another lifetime. Some people call this love at first sight.

You may be unaware that you are frequently affected by places you go because the vibration is similar to a place where you were in a previous -lifetime. Or you may actually be revisiting a place you were in during a past lifetime. In the same way, you may react to a person because their energy pattern reminds you of someone from the past. Have you ever had strong feelings about someone you barely knew? How much would it help you if you could easily discern the reasons for these feelings?

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