The First Chakra – Acceptance

2nd chakra gaphicby Richard Lassiter

The ability to accept yourself as an individual, to accept other people as they are and to comfortably receive things, thoughts and feelings from others. It is the ability to see yourself and accept yourself as an essential part of the environment.
(From the Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Profile)

I’m sure you know how important it is to love and accept yourself. So why is it that so many of us find it hard to accept ourselves just as we are? We tend to criticize and judge ourselves and in turn judge others. If you find it hard to love yourself, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. It is a very common part of the human experience. The people who raised you probably didn’t accept themselves 100% and so this tendency was passed on to you. The good news is you can change this. It just takes a little practice and patience with yourself.
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5 Keys to Make your New Year’s Resolutions come true in 2014.

Feeling inspired to start 2014 out right? You should be! The La Familia Nuestra Energy calendar indicates that January 1-4th of 2014 is Direction energy. In Direction, it’s all about setting your goals and intentions for the future. It’s a fantastic time to make plans.

There is something very inspiring about the beginning of the year. I have had some challenges the past couple of weeks. Nothing major, but just one of those times when all the little things add up together to make life challenging. (I know you’ve been there!)

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How to Manifest your Goals and Desires in 2014

As the year comes to a close, and we have a little downtime during the Holiday Season and New Years, it’s a great time to reflect, regroup and then set your energy for the coming year.

For the past 5 years ago I have had a practice of reviewing my year and setting goals for the year to come.  I have developed a system of doing this that really works well for me, so I thought I would share these steps with you today in the hope that you will benefit from this simple, yet powerful practice.

Step 1: Write a letter of thankfulness for the year that has just past.

On New Years Eve, or as close to that day as you can, sit down and write a letter to your angels. Thank your team of helpers for their support and backing from the previous year. Next, write down all the positive things that happened over the last 12 months. Write down your highlights of the year. Be patient with this process and make sure you don’t skip anything. Then read your letter out loud. I always read mine out to Richard. You will be amazed at how many positive things have occurred in your life that you perhaps have not fully acknowledged. This leaves you in a high, positive, vibration.

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“Goals” is Not a Dirty Word!

by Melissa Kitto

Mention the word “goals” around a lot of people and they will immediately hide their heads or look the other way! There’s something about that word that feels like pressure. Perhaps it’s because our parents and teachers talked about goals they thought should be important to us when we were young and all we wanted to do was go play and hang out with friends. Goals were too serious. Goals were only for grown-ups.

If that sounds like you, I want to shift your concept of goals today and show you how valuable they are.

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A Reminder To Myself

Richardby Richard Lassiter

I am energy. I am, have always been and will always be.Science tells me that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed – that energy is. Religion tells me I am one with all things. Both are saying the same thing in different words. Yet, I keep searching for refinement, I keep searching for this “I AM.”

I have come into planet earth many times to unfold that beingness. In this lifetime – which is like a blink of an eye in the span of eternity – it is important that I regroup myself and am crystal clear who I am and what I came to do, in order to move on to greater fulfillment.

Living in the present, building on what I learned from the past, I am creating the probabilities of what the future will be based on what I do today. I cannot dwell in the past and the future is not here yet; all I have is the now. It is important that I feel secure and know where I fit in the now, in order to accomplish what I came to do without stress.

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Living a Fulfilled, Balanced Life

by Richard LassiterRichard

In my recent public presentations, I have been inspired to share about how:

  • knowing what I want
  • effectively living in two worlds at once
  • being in the “now”
  • personal organization

result in living a fulfilling, balanced life. I call this the Spiritual Science of Balance because these are steps anyone can take and achieve the same results.

Knowing what I want is step one. Not what I should do or can do, but what I truly want for myself. This is not from the selfish me-first, me-second, me-third point of view, but from the, “If I don’t know what fulfills me, who does?” perspective.
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How to Develop your Intuition

By Melissa Kitto

You’ve heard the idea about developing your intuition, but why would you want to? Your intuition is a very practical tool to have in your life. If you are not using it, you are missing out.

My son Liam is 5 1/2 months old and I have found that my intuition comes in very handy when dealing with a baby who is not old enough to communicate verbally yet. When I trust my intuition I can take a lot of the guesswork out of parenting an infant. I have an answer for all those questions: “Is he hungry? Why is he cranky? Is he ready for a nap yet?” Etc etc!

In fact, your intuition is your best asset for success in all areas of your life. Your intuition guides you to be in the right place at the right time, doing what is right for you and your family.

So, how do you improve your intuition and learn to trust it more? Here are some tips to get you started.

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Discover the Secret to Communicating with your Angels

by Melissa Kitto

Do you have trouble communicating with your angels despite having read all the books and attended all the workshops? You’re not alone. However, if you’ve already learned techniques to establish a connection with your guides then the problem is not that you can’t communicate with your angels, it’s that you don’t discern what you are picking up.

Let me explain. You already know how to communicate with your angels. No one can actually teach you how to do this. All we can do is show you how to re-establish the communication that came naturally to you as a child. When you were young the people who raised you may not have understood how to encourage your sensitivity. I remember when I was young, if I felt something or felt myself flying out of my body (!) my parents told me that it was “just my imagination”. I began to distrust the spiritual sensitivity I had naturally, because the big people in my life told me it was wrong.

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What I have learned from being a mother… so far.

by Melissa Kitto

My little boy Liam is now four months old. While I was pregnant, I received a message from my guidance suggesting that I take 4 months of maternity leave. Now that time is coming to an end and I am transitioning back to working more again, it seemed a good time to reflect and share with you what I have learned from this experience of being a mother. Although it’s only been 4 months I almost can’t remember what it was like without Liam around.

Lesson #1
Focus on the Essential and forget the trivia

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How your angels will help you grow your business success

By Melissa Kitto

Your angels will help you in all areas of your life, but I find that my guides particularly help me with my business! Part of my life path is being an entrepreneur (sounds so much better than self-employed, don’t you think?) and I’ve attracted a team of helpers this lifetime that really support me in that. They help me stay organized, they give me creative ideas and they help me be in the right place at the right time so that success is natural.

Your guides are really concerned with helping you with your spiritual growth and to fulfill the plan & purpose you chose for this lifetime. Often, the way you earn your living is a big part of fulfilling that purpose. When you’re on your path and being of service, the money will flow into your life. If you feel like you’re struggling with money, or you’re just not happy – you probably haven’t yet found your niche in life. It’s well worth investing some time to find it!

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