How Past Lives Influence You Today

You are a soul. This is not your first experience on Planet Earth. You have come here many times before. Each lifetime has a specific purpose. Have you been curious about your past lives? As you become more aware of your past lifetime experiences it can help you to get a better understanding of who you really are. In this video I share the ways that your past lives influence you today. Enjoy!

Hi this is Melissa with and today’s topic is How Past Lives Influence You Today.  So, first of all we might want to address that you are a soul and this is not your first experience on planet Earth, likely if you’re watching this video anyway. You are the sum total of all of your experiences from this lifetime and your previous lifetime. That has formed your personality and who you are today.

So how do your past lives influence you today? The first thing I want to be really clear about is that the point of this is not to live in the past. The past is done, it can’t be changed, but it has had an influence on who you are now. This lifetime is the most important thing so don’t get caught up in wanting to know about your past lives for the fun of it but sometimes having a little understanding gives you a perspective that helps you to move forward now. So that’s the purpose of what I’m going to share with you today.

So one of the ways that past lives influence you is through the traits that you have, both positive and negative. First, I really want to acknowledge the positive side of things because we tend to focus on the negative with this. But there are certain gifts and talents and strengths and innate abilities that you have brought with you from past lifetimes because of the things you’ve experienced and mastered in those past life experiences.

For example, I had an awareness of a previous lifetime way back in Roman times where I was a male and I was learning how to use an abacus and I was a mathematician. So in this current lifetime, when I was in high school and school, math came really easily to me and when I had my time teaching kids, teaching math came really easily to me. But was that what I came to do this lifetime? No. It was an innate talent that I had but it wasn’t interesting to me that much and there wasn’t anything more for me to learn so that’s not what I came to do now but I brought with me that capacity.

Now you can of course bring not so positive traits with you. It often happens when somebody’s had a time of transition in the past lifetime that was traumatic or they have regretted things they’ve done or they’ve taken on certain beliefs based on what happened to them in the past. So if you were burned at the stake for being a witch in a past lifetime, you may be afraid now to share about your spirituality because you brought with you that innate fear of opening up about who you really are and your spirituality. There’s many more examples like that. That’s a common one though – that fear of revealing who you are to the world because of the retribution that happened in previous lifetimes. So you’ve brought that with you and you can now acknowledge that you don’t have to live from fears that came from hundreds of years ago. That is the value of becoming aware of what happened in your past lives.

How else do past lives influence you today?  They influence you in familiarity with things: people, places, activities, certain hobbies perhaps. You’ll have a familiarity when you meet people that you knew in past lives. You have a familiarity when you go to places that you’ve been to in past lives. Richard and I loved going to Scotland a few years ago, and Ireland, actually, because we had lifetimes together in those countries and they were positive lifetimes where we were successful and so we remember that. I live in Virginia right now and after I moved here I realized that I had about three past lives in Virginia so I was attracted to that same environment to kind of keep building on what I experienced in the past.

That’s actually the third thing that I wanted to share with you today. It’s a building block. So the past lives influence you so you kind of feel like you’re picking up where you left off and the danger is making the same mistakes over and over again, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. As you become aware of who you really are as a soul and the experiences that you’ve had, you want to see, how can I change things?  How can I build on all that amazing experience and wisdom that I put together from the past and expand it even more? You’re here this lifetime to expand your state of consciousness into new areas of self understanding. So that’s your mission for this lifetime.

I hope that was helpful and intriguing and let me know in the comments below and please like this video and subscribe to this YouTube channel, it would really help me out a lot and while you’re here, have a look at my website: I have some free resources there for you and I look forward to seeing you over there. Bye for now.

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