Healing the “I’m not good enough” Belief

Do you have an underlying feeling that “You are not good enough?” Most people do, whether consciously or unconciously. Unfortunately it’s part of the way most people are raised. But you CAN shift this now!

When you believe that you are not good enough or limited in some way, you can start to sabotage your success. You limit yourself and hold yourself back. So healing this area will have BIG results in your life! I can’t wait to hear what shifts for you as a result of healing this area. Enjoy!

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How to Call Upon Your Angels for Healing

Do you need extra healing or backing at this time? You CAN ask your angels for healing. It’s not selfish to do so. Whether you need healing for your physical body, or a spiritual healing for a challenge you’re going through in your life; In this video you’ll learn how to do it and what results you can expect!

Hi I’m Melissa Kitto of Communicate with Angels.com, providing you simple tools to connect with your angels and find your purpose in life.

Today’s video is all about how to call upon your angels for healing. One thing I notice with people is that they feel selfish to ask for help and realize that you have a team of spiritual helpers, guides or angels – whatever you want to call them – that are there with you 24 hours a day. They’re there to help so please don’t feel selfish for asking. If there is a time where you feel like you need some extra healing or extra backing, please go ahead and ask your angels for some healing. They are more than willing to provide that to you. Continue reading “How to Call Upon Your Angels for Healing”

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What Happens to Your Loved Ones When They Pass On?

When a loved one passes, you may experience grieving and have a desire for that person to stay close to you. However, in this video you will learn that this can be a mistake. Detachment and love is the key. Learn the ways you can assist your loved ones in their healing and transition when they pass.


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Past Lives – Are They Still Affecting You Now?

Have you ever observed two siblings who have completely different personalities? You wonder how it can be possible that they react so differently to things, when they grew up in the same environment with the same parents, right?

Let’s take a bigger picture spiritual view of whom these children are. They are souls who have had many experiences before this current lifetime. They have come in to this life with certain traits and tendencies that they brought with them from their previous experiences here on Planet Earth. This includes both positive strengths, and not-so-positive blocks or fears. They will react to circumstances based on these inner traits that they brought with them.

If you are experiencing a stuck place or fear right now, there are two places this block originated. You either picked it up from someone in your environment in your first 7 years of life, or you brought it with you from a past lifetime. Either way, the block can be strong and take time to heal and shift. What I’ve noticed through working with hundreds of clients, is that if your block originated in the first 7 years, it shows up as programming and limiting beliefs. If the block originated from a past life, it shows up as an internal feeling or reaction that seems irrational.

Continue reading “Past Lives – Are They Still Affecting You Now?”

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Why the ‘Money isn’t Spiritual’ Belief is B.S.

by Melissa Kitto

Every now and again I get emails from people criticizing me for charging any money for my products and services. Their argument usually sounds something like, “If you were truly spiritual, you would offer this for free to be of service,” or “God’s gifts cannot be charged for.”

There is still a belief out there in the spiritual community that any spiritual service should be given away for free. Where do these beliefs come from? The belief that spirituality and money do not mix started a very long time ago. For example, in the Franciscan monk order it was believed that a vow of poverty was the only way to Godliness. The monks gave away all their possessions. The female order was named, “The Poor Clares.” What a label! Continue reading “Why the ‘Money isn’t Spiritual’ Belief is B.S.”

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How to Manifest Your Dreams in 2015!

by Melissa Kitto

There is a new, vibrant energy coming in for 2015; can you feel it?
I am very excited for the New Year and have almost been impatient for December to be over with this year. 2014 has been a great year, but I’ve been feeling lately like I’m ready to take this to the next level of success in my life in 2015.

As many of you who are Moms can relate to, I’m sure, I put some of my own goals on hold for a couple of years while I had Liam. I have no regrets about that whatsoever; it has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life, not to mention the best learning opportunity ever! But now that he is a little more independent, I’ve been feeling an inner pull to establish new goals and dreams for myself.

Today, New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to share with you a process I do every year to regroup the year that has just been and set my new goals and intentions for the year to come. I’ll be doing this today. Will you join me?

1. Write a letter to your angels/the universe about all the wonderful accomplishments of the previous year.

Continue reading “How to Manifest Your Dreams in 2015!”

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The Truth About Channeling

by Melissa Kitto

Would you like to learn to channel the messages of your angels? You can do this with just a little time and practice.

When you read the word channeling, what does this mean to you? The term means different things to different people. To me, it means being an open recipient to the messages of higher souls.

There are many ways of channeling. To some in the new age community, only one way of channeling exists. The belief is that a medium will go into trance and have a high soul communicate through this person’s vocal cords. The medium has no memory of the time passed if they are in a full trance, or they are in a semi-trance with some consciousness of what is happening. Their voice and mannerisms shift as the soul communicates through them.

This type of trance channeling can certainly be a way of bringing forth the messages of Spirit. However, it is very important to clarify who is being channeled. There are many souls without bodies gravitating around Planet Earth and not all of them are what we would call “high souls” or D Zone souls. D Zone souls have graduated from Planet Earth. These souls become our spiritual helpers on earth.

Continue reading “The Truth About Channeling”

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How to Become Spiritually Rich

by Melissa Kitto

Many people who live a spiritual life have challenges with money. You may have deep-rooted concepts about money that are holding you back. With the ups and downs in the economy this past few years, I’ve noticed that concepts that were completely subconscious for people are now coming to the forefront. That’s great! It means it’s time to HEAL.

False concepts about money have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. In the same way that you pick up beliefs from the people that raised you, certain concepts about money have been passed down through our culture. Long ago the churches controlled the structure of society. In Europe the poor peasants were the majority, and the church leaders needed a way to keep them poor, or the whole structure of society at that time would have collapsed.

So beliefs such as “money is the root of all evil” were spread to keep people poor and in their place. They lost their desire to change their lot. Add on to this with beliefs such as “money doesn’t make you happy” (is that money’s job??) and spiritual leaders preaching poverty, and it makes for some deep-rooted concepts within you that can be tough to change.

I have been doing some work recently about allowing more money and abundance to come into my life, and I’ve learned it all comes down to beliefs. I’d like to share with you some common beliefs about money in this article and then offer you an alternative belief to replace it with. As you read this, notice if you get cranked up by anything. If you do, just take a deep breath and be patient with yourself as you consider looking at things in a new way. If you’ve had certain beliefs for your entire life, don’t expect everything to change overnight.

Practice affirming new beliefs for yourself.

Old Belief #1: Money is the root of all evil.

Continue reading “How to Become Spiritually Rich”

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The Seventh Chakra – Outflow

The Pituitary Gland: OUTFLOW – SHARING

7th Chakra - OutflowIt is located between the eyebrows, just behind the forehead, and is associated with the brain and the eyes. It is called the third eye, and is responsible for inner vision or seeing on the screen of the mind. It is the center of outflow and giving. It has the color vibration white.


Is the willingness to give your time, knowledge or skill to other individuals who need assistance. It is the ability to share with a true sense of abundance, freedom and detachment. This is the outflow, the expressed awareness of the abundant life that is available to all.

Most graphic representations of the chakras show them from the front, stacked up in a straight line. When you look at the body from the side, the energy centers are not stacked in a straight line at all, but in a U shape with the Inflow (Acceptance Chakra) at the base of the skull and the Outflow Chakra (Sharing) in the pituitary gland between the eyes. Energy flows in the Acceptance Chakra, down your spine to the Coccyx (Wants Chakra) and up the front of your body through the other chakras and out the Outflow Chakra.

A balance of Inflow and Outflow is essential for
your physical and spiritual well-being.

Continue reading “The Seventh Chakra – Outflow”

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