How to Call Upon Your Angels for Healing

Do you need extra healing or backing at this time? You CAN ask your angels for healing. It’s not selfish to do so. Whether you need healing for your physical body, or a spiritual healing for a challenge you’re going through in your life; In this video you’ll learn how to do it and what results you can expect!

Hi I’m Melissa Kitto of Communicate with, providing you simple tools to connect with your angels and find your purpose in life.

Today’s video is all about how to call upon your angels for healing. One thing I notice with people is that they feel selfish to ask for help and realize that you have a team of spiritual helpers, guides or angels – whatever you want to call them – that are there with you 24 hours a day. They’re there to help so please don’t feel selfish for asking. If there is a time where you feel like you need some extra healing or extra backing, please go ahead and ask your angels for some healing. They are more than willing to provide that to you.

Maybe you need a physical healing. Maybe you have some kind of physical injury or ailment or illness that you would like some backing with. What I suggest you do in that case is find a space where you can have some private time and some quiet time – I know even sometimes that’s the most difficult part! – but once you have that, maybe when you’re about to fall asleep at night (that’s when I often do it), ask your angels. Take a few deep breaths and relax and in your mind, or even out loud if you feel comfortable with that, ask and request for some healing.

It would be as simple as, maybe I have a sore ankle. I would say, “Angels, please send me some healing energy to my left ankle”. Then just keep taking some deep breaths and relax and just allow that to be.

My big suggestion to you is don’t have expectations about what you’re going to experience. Just relax and go within sensation – you will get what you need. Maybe it’s just for a very short time the first time. Maybe you felt some tingling and then it went away after a few seconds. Your angels know what you need at different times. Don’t feel again to ask again the next night, and the next night, and the next night.

If I have an expectation that I’m going to suddenly going to get a miracle healing and be healed, I’m probably setting myself up for disappointment. Maybe that will happen but just allow it to be what it is and you will feel something.

Maybe the other case is that you feel like you need some more spiritual healing. Maybe you have a challenge going on in your life. Maybe you’ve been going through grief or loss of a loved one or a divorce, or you’ve been fired from your job and you’re going through a tough time. Whatever it might be. That’s more of a spiritual situation. In that case, what I would suggest is find some time when you can be quiet and alone. Take some deep breaths or spiritually cleanse if you’ve learned that technique. Again, state very clearly and succinctly your request to your angels. In the bible, they say ask and you shall receive…if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. So please ask.

You might say “Angels, please send me some spiritual healing to the area of my career success”.  I’m just making that up, but maybe your scenario is that you’ve been recently laid off and you’re having a tough time with that. Again, just relax and allow it to be. Notice any sensations you feel or any thoughts or impressions that come to you and just go with it until you feel that energy dissipate.

Again, keep repeating that as many times as you need to – without expectations – but just allowing yourself to receive. Most people are better at giving than receiving. So just allow yourself to receive that healing and backing energy that your angels are more than willing to provide to you.

Another little tip I wanted to add too, is if you ever have trouble getting to sleep at night, one thing I do if I’m having that is I will just ask my angels to help me relax and to just get into a position where i will just fall asleep. Works every time.

I hope that was helpful. Again, remember, ask and you shall receive. Ask for that healing and backing and allow it to be what it is and you will get some amazing results but it’s going to be different for everyone so don’t expect.

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  1. It is nice to know we are never alone and that angels are there to assist us.

    Whenever I am in pain or afraid I call upon my angels and am immediately calm.

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