The Four Avenues of Psychic Communication


In today’s video, you’ll learn how you can receive messages through your four avenues of psychic communication which include Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Prophecy and Feeling/Psychometry. It’s time to become more psychic!

Hi, I’m Melissa Kitto of and today’s video is about the four avenues of psychic communication. You may be somewhat familiar with this but I wanted to break it down for you in a really simple way.

You have four psychic, or spiritual, gifts. When I was a teacher and I did my teaching degree, they talked about different learning styles: audio learner, kinesthetic learner and visual learner. You can look at this as simple as that or you can look at it with a more psychic point of view. But whichever way, it still is ultimately the same thing. Remember, you have all four of these avenues so as I describe them, you’ll probably recognize yourself in each one of them. One of them is your primary gift and we have a consultation where you can find out what your first gift is and it’s very helpful for people.

Let me break down the four avenues of psychic communication are Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling.

Simply, the gift of Intuition is your clairaudient part. It’s the part of you where you hear that still, small voice inside. You may even hear your name called and there’s no one there. Or hear the lyrics of a song and the lyrics have some kind of meaning for you. This is the part of you that’s more mental, as in you think a lot. There’s a stream of consciousness, of thoughts. Through your intuitive gift, when you relax and tune into your intuitive energy, you’ll perceive it as a thought. You may hear your guidance talking to you in this way, where you actually hear your angels. Sometimes I’ve heard a very distinct voice that I can tell is not me.

Your next gift is the gift of Vision. This is the part of you where you think in pictures. We call it your clairvoyant gift. Through this gift you might see a vision or a symbol or have a dream where you’re seeing images that may have some kind of symbolic meaning for you. Your visionary part is very organized because you can see in your mind how things are going to work together. You’re good at planning ahead and also empathy where you can see what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes but still stay detached. When your angels are communicating through your gift of vision, you might see an idea or see a plan or see a symbol. For a visionary, if your first gift is vision, seeing is understanding.  You need to see it.

Your next gift is the gift of Prophecy. This gift is an inner knowing. You just know things without being told. You don’t know how you know, you just know. When you trust that inner knowing, that gut feeling, or sensitivity of what is right for you, you will always be in the right place at the right time. This is also the part of you that will have premonitions about the future and know what’s coming. We hear stories of people that predicted things before they happened. In the Bible, they talked about prophets. They were strong in the gift of prophecy. The psychic ability of this gift is also to go into trance and tune into energy that way. If your first gift is prophecy, you know know things and your angels will share that inner knowing with you.

Then your last gift is the gift of Feeling and this is the part of you that feels things strongly. You will perceive energy as a feeling or a physical sensation and people high in the gift of feeling often have warm hands because they will feel energy in that way. They have natural healing abilities and they also have the gift of psychometry, where you can hold an object in your hands and pick up an impression from it in that way. Giving a handshake is also a form of psychometry because you’re feeling that person’s energy through the hands. When you receive messages from your angels through your gift of feeling, it will be those gut feelings and hunches of feeling what is right for you and maybe what is not so right for you.

You have all four of these psychic avenues. The more that you relax into them and develop them, the more relaxed and sensitive you become and also the more in tune you are with your angels. Your angels don’t communicate with you through your intellect. They communicate with you through your four avenues of psychic sensitivity. The more you’re in tune with that part of yourself, the more the messages from the angels are going to be crystal clear. That way, you’re always in the right place at the right time and fulfilling the purpose that you came here to do. And that just makes life more joyful and fun.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these four psychic avenues. I would love it if you would hop on over to my website because I have some free resources there to share even more about how you can develop these four psychic avenues. Just visit and go ahead and sign up for the free report there, The Three Steps to Communicating with Your Angels. I’ll see you over there!

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