Why You Should Avoid “Should” When Working With Your Angels

When you talk to your angels and ask them questions do you use the word “should”? Such as, “Should I quit my job?” When you use the word “should” you are asking your angels to make a decision for you. And that is not your job. Watch this video tip to learn why using the word “should” with your guides will leave you frustrated, and what you can do instead.

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Hi everyone, this is Melissa with communicatewithangels.com. Today’s video is about why you should avoid “should”. Little play on words in the title there but what this is all about is refining your communication with your angels, helpers, guides, whatever you want to call them – your personal team of guidance who are here to help you live your purpose and to live and grow in this lifetime. Continue reading “Why You Should Avoid “Should” When Working With Your Angels”

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Raising Spiritual Children

I have had the privilege being father to 3 sons and a daughter. I have worked with young people in various capacities since 1972 including teaching for 18 years. In 1993, I wrote the only leadership-training program especially for young people, 7 – 21 years of age, available in the US at the time. I am not an expert … I am experienced enough to know there are no “experts” when it comes to old souls with young bodies. Parents, teachers, scout troop leaders, doctors, etc., all do the best they know how based on their experiences.

My approach is a little different because I don’t see young people as inexperienced beings. I see them as older, more evolved souls than I am looking for direction in this world so they can unfold to their full potential. They are souls with the experience of many, many lifetimes. They have their own life’s mission, their Spiritual Gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling and a team of Master souls to help them complete that mission. The first thing I do when I meet anyone is ask my angels what gift they are working with so I can communicate with them and not to them.

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Turning Knowledge into Wisdom

by Richard Lassiter

“Wisdom is an energy pattern that stays with you for eons of time,” Dr. Francisco Coll.

My life’s work is freeing myself from my self-imposed limitations in order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. My thrust this lifetime is, “I am the freedom lover.” My limitations enslave me and dilute my thrust. When I become aware of how I limit myself, I take action to replace that limiting habit with one that is self-elevating. My first policy this lifetime is ACTION. I know I am off my pivot point when I don’t take positive action toward my goals … or worse yet, don’t invest the time to organize clearly defined goals to take action on.

The speed of my spiritual growth is directly proportional to how often I regroup myself. I get a key word from my Helpers everyday and regroup at the end of the day and I do a decent job of regrouping what I am learning throughout my day. I am militant about keeping my buffer zone maintained. Staying regrouped keeps me on my spiritual pivot point, organized and in the now. I regularly involve myself in another way to accelerate my personal growth … I present lectures, workshops and courses to the public. I am a professional spiritual consultant – it is my business to share my understanding with others.

I share with others because doing so turns my understanding into wisdom. My training is that, “Knowledge becomes wisdom when you pass it on,” and for me, this statement is truth. And passing it on is a very key aspect of spiritual evolution. The pay off is the wisdom I gain from sharing with people. I get feedback from people and my angels when sharing my understanding that consolidates my knowledge into wisdom. I give myself an opportunity to honestly look at what I have and refine it. I always ask my guidance, “How could I have done a better job communicating? How can I refine my message and be of greater service to others?”

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Expanding Your Psychic Potential

Course 590

Saturday June 21st, 2pm-5pm
Residence Inn Fair Lakes
12815 Fair Lakes Parkway, Fairfax, VA
Investment $45

Master Your Psychic Abilities

When you can MASTER and TRUST your psychic abilities, it gives you the advantage of mastery and insight into your own life. You’ll pick up insights, ideas and clear direction for yourself and others. Plus, you’ll be able to share this wisdom and insights with your friends, family and clients.

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On Schedule with My Life Purpose

Saturday, August 9th, 2pm-5pm
Chrysalis Gathering Space
3527 Ellwood Ave, Richmond, VA
Investment $45

Struggling to find your life purpose?
Ready to expand to your next level?

Concerned womanThis workshop will assist you to connect with your spiritual purpose for this lifetime and become clearer on what it is you have come to do.

You’ll gain tools you can take home with you to stay on track with your life purpose and truly live it! Your life will become richer, more fulfilling and more joyful when you fulfill what you have come to do this lifetime.

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Healing Myself, My Loved Ones and My Environment

Saturday June 21st, 10am-1pm
Residence Inn Fairfax, 12815 Fair Lakes Parkway, Fairfax, VA
Investment $45

Yes, you can heal yourself, your environment and others!

There are many forms of healing, including hands on, projection, thought, spoken word and trance. During this workshop you will experience ALL of these, except trance.

This workshop will be hands on and experiential.

You will be getting involved and experiencing the power of your own healing abilities throughout the 3 hour event. We will work with the backing of our angels to re-learn our child-like ability to radiate the healing light of our higher self to the world around us.

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The Seventh Chakra – Outflow

The Pituitary Gland: OUTFLOW – SHARING

7th Chakra - OutflowIt is located between the eyebrows, just behind the forehead, and is associated with the brain and the eyes. It is called the third eye, and is responsible for inner vision or seeing on the screen of the mind. It is the center of outflow and giving. It has the color vibration white.


Is the willingness to give your time, knowledge or skill to other individuals who need assistance. It is the ability to share with a true sense of abundance, freedom and detachment. This is the outflow, the expressed awareness of the abundant life that is available to all.

Most graphic representations of the chakras show them from the front, stacked up in a straight line. When you look at the body from the side, the energy centers are not stacked in a straight line at all, but in a U shape with the Inflow (Acceptance Chakra) at the base of the skull and the Outflow Chakra (Sharing) in the pituitary gland between the eyes. Energy flows in the Acceptance Chakra, down your spine to the Coccyx (Wants Chakra) and up the front of your body through the other chakras and out the Outflow Chakra.

A balance of Inflow and Outflow is essential for
your physical and spiritual well-being.

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The Sixth Chakra – Relating

This is part 6 of a 7-part series on the chakras and the glandular system. Energy flows through your physical body. Your body is constantly receiving and sending out energy waves. There are seven centers or chakras in your body to receive and send energy. As you become aware of these energy centers and learn to control the flow of energy through them, you learn to be the master of your situation.

6th chakra, relatingThe Thyroid Gland – Relating

The relating chakra is associated with all expressions through sound. Energy is released from this center through the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. In its balanced state, it is associated with a friendly, open and relaxed sharing with the world. It has the color vibration purple.

Relating –

The ability to meet other people easily and enter into constructive relationships with them. It is the ability to remain relaxed and comfortable in all circumstances or conditions involving other people.

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Introducing Video Training

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