How to Find Your Purpose in Life

The idea of having a unique life purpose is something that has fascinated me since I was a teenager. In my younger years I followed the obvious path in front of me, but slowly but surely I learned to look within and find my own passions in purpose instead of doing what everyone else expected of me.

Some people discover how to do this early in life, and some later in life, and some never do it. Whatever stage of life you are at, it is not too late to discover your unique life purpose. Here are some tips that will help you get started on this road to self-discovery.

1. Decide what you really want.

“A soul moves by desire.” The wants and desires you have provide your direction in life. If you want something, then there is something in it for you. You would not have that desire in the first place, if there was not something important for you to fulfill. We are taught a lot of concepts about wanting. We are taught that it is selfish to want material things. We are taught concepts about money, and that there is never enough. We are taught to follow a career path that is safe and sensible, instead of following our passions.

In order to find your unique purpose, you will need to sit down and be really sincere with yourself. What is it that you truly want? Write down what you want in all areas, and do not censor yourself. Material things is fine, and certainly cover career goals. But don’t forget spiritual development, personal growth and ways you want to spend your time. Our society is overly masculine, and we tend to value work and success over more feminine areas such as personal growth, hobbies, spirituality and connection. It is ALL important, and no want is any more important than another.

2. Release limiting beliefs and fears.

Perhaps your response to #1 was “Well I have no idea what I want!” I hear that from clients all the time. In truth, you do know what you want. You were born with an innate wisdom of what you are here to do.

What is really going on is you are blocking your true desires from coming through because you are immediately limiting yourself with negative thoughts or fears. Perhaps you really want to quit your corporate job and become an artist. As soon as you start daydreaming about what it would be like to be an artist you think to yourself, “There’s no way I could quit my job. I need the income. I can’t earn enough money as an artist.” And so you have immediately blocked your true inspiration and desires from coming through.

Any limiting or nagging thought that pops in your mind is just a belief. You can change your beliefs at any time. When you do, your reality shifts.

It takes guts and courage to follow your dreams. People will try to stop you, and tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing. You might feel anxious and worry that it won’t work out.

But if you feel your passion strongly within your heart and believe you will be successful – you will be. You will learn valuable lessons along the way and have an enriching, purposeful life as a result.

3. Learn your spiritual thrust in life.

Most people think your life purpose is your career. This is not the case. Your career is just a vocation – a role you play while you are here. You are not the roles you play here on Planet Earth. You may think your life purpose is to be a mother, a teacher, a wife, a student etc. Those roles are not your purpose.

Your true purpose in life is to live your spiritual thrust. Your spiritual thrust is why you are really here – the energy vibration you are here to express and how you can share this unique vibration with others.

My spiritual thrust is “Balance and Harmony Guide me Through.”  Richard’s spiritual thrust is “I am the Freedom Lover.” Liam’s spiritual thrust is “All ways achieve.” The words of a person’s spiritual thrust puts their unique essence into words. Your career and roles in life are still important. But they are just a means to an end through which you express this spiritual thrust.

You can be of service to others through your spiritual thrust. People are attracted to you because of your unique vibration and what they can learn from it. Liam chose Richard and I as parents because he needed to experience the energy of our thrusts. He chose me to learn balance, and Richard to learn freedom. A great combination I think!

Learn your spiritual thrust in life, so you can know what you REALLY came to do this lifetime and how it fits with the things you do in the outer world.

4. Pay attention to the signs from your angels.

Your angels know your life purpose, even if you forget it! You have a spiritual contract with your team of helpers to help you fulfill what you came here to do. If you are not doing what you came here to do, your angels will try to assist you to get back on track. You will get hunches, ideas and inspirations. You will see signs around you, perhaps through other people, what you see on TV or online etc.

You have free will, so whether you pay attention to these signs is up to you. Your angels will help you with the “how” if you don’t know it. They will work with you to know the right steps to take at the right time to be doing things in your life that are in alignment with your life purpose.

5. Find ways to be of service to people.

This is what you’re really here to do. You are here to be of service to yourself and grow more by being of service to others. There are many ways of being of service. For some of you this service is parenting. For others it is writing a book, or a blogsite. For others it is teaching or healing.

But if you can find a way to organize your passions into a service that others can benefit from, then you are well on your way to fulfilling your purpose this lifetime.

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