Key Tips to Telling the Difference between your own Mind and the Messages of your Angels

The most frequent question I get asked by clients is: “How do I tell the difference between my own mind and the messages of my angels?”

Is this a challenge for you too?
Today, I’d like to share some tips with you to overcome this doubt so that you can truly trust you are receving divine guidance. These tips might not be what you expected to hear, so take a deep breath and have an open mind as you read this!

1. Let go of the analyzing and dissecting!

Over-thinking is a habit.
And it’s not a good habit. For many of us, analyzing and dissecting is the way that we cope with things that are new and feel uncomfortable. If you are new to connecting with your angels it will feel out of your comfort zone.

And when you feel out of your comfort zone your mind will start going crazy to compensate and try to make you feel safe again.

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Angel Answers

This is an original article I wrote… but not recently! My Mum found an Expression magazine from 1997 which had published an article I wrote about angels. I was 18 years old at the time. This was the caption to the article in 1997: “Melissa Kitto has been involved with the Inner Peace Movement for more than five years. As a teenager and part of the Growing Executives of Tomorrow program in New Zealand, she knows she has a lot to share with her apprentices. She offered to answer questions about angels. Here are her responses to questions from Karla Webb, a student at Geraldine High School.”

My name is Melissa Kitto and I have been involved in the Inner Peace Movement for about five years. I would love to answer your questions.

1. What is your definition of an angel?

Angels are souls just like we are. The difference is that they have learnt all the lessons of Planet Earth and so they don’t need to take on a physical body anymore like we do. Instead, they help people like us by becoming spiritual helpers. They are still learning, but they are different lessons to the ones we learn on Earth.

2. How do we contact our angels?

We are all already in contact with our angels without realizing it. Often when you feel chills or shivers that is your angels trying to make you aware of something. Or sometimes they give you little inspirations, like when you just know the teacher is going to ask you, or when you’re thinking of a friend and the next minute they ring you up.

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Turning Knowledge into Wisdom

by Richard Lassiter

“Wisdom is an energy pattern that stays with you for eons of time,” Dr. Francisco Coll.

My life’s work is freeing myself from my self-imposed limitations in order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. My thrust this lifetime is, “I am the freedom lover.” My limitations enslave me and dilute my thrust. When I become aware of how I limit myself, I take action to replace that limiting habit with one that is self-elevating. My first policy this lifetime is ACTION. I know I am off my pivot point when I don’t take positive action toward my goals … or worse yet, don’t invest the time to organize clearly defined goals to take action on.

The speed of my spiritual growth is directly proportional to how often I regroup myself. I get a key word from my Helpers everyday and regroup at the end of the day and I do a decent job of regrouping what I am learning throughout my day. I am militant about keeping my buffer zone maintained. Staying regrouped keeps me on my spiritual pivot point, organized and in the now. I regularly involve myself in another way to accelerate my personal growth … I present lectures, workshops and courses to the public. I am a professional spiritual consultant – it is my business to share my understanding with others.

I share with others because doing so turns my understanding into wisdom. My training is that, “Knowledge becomes wisdom when you pass it on,” and for me, this statement is truth. And passing it on is a very key aspect of spiritual evolution. The pay off is the wisdom I gain from sharing with people. I get feedback from people and my angels when sharing my understanding that consolidates my knowledge into wisdom. I give myself an opportunity to honestly look at what I have and refine it. I always ask my guidance, “How could I have done a better job communicating? How can I refine my message and be of greater service to others?”

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Spiraling Upward – Part 2!

by Melissa Kitto

Back in May, I shared with you that my theme for the year is “Spiraling Upward.” For those of you that may have missed that article, here’s a quick recap.

In February, we attended the annual International Regrouping Retreat in Puerto Rico. There was a different theme each day of the retreat. The theme that stood out to me the most was “Spiraling Upward.”

On the day of “Spiraling Upward,” we were offered the opportunity to go surfing. Immediately, my beliefs and concepts about surfing kicked in. I heard myself thinking, “Surfing is too difficult for me. I will never be able to do that.”

But my angels started gently tapping me on the shoulder and making a suggestion that doing the surfing would be a good opportunity for me. They shared that I would learn and grow much more from that, than the other option to play golf.

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How to Release Your Limitations to Having What You Want

by Melissa Kitto

Like it or not, if you don’t have everything you desire in life, or if you are having trouble reaching your goals, it is a result of self-imposed limitations. The programming you grew up with, or the maze as we call it, has a strong effect on what success you will achieve. Often, you take this programming for granted thinking that it’s just the way life is – not even considering that anything could be different.

David Neagle says that in order to reach a new goal that you have never achieved before, you will “need to give up something of a lower nature, in order to receive something of a higher nature.” Some kind of sacrifice is required. Now sacrifice does not have to be a negative thing. Sacrificing a bad habit or limiting belief is very positive. But many people just aren’t willing to make any sacrifices because their programming is so strong. They are being kept a prisoner in the world of their own making because their programming won’t allow them to change.

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The Truth About Channeling

by Melissa Kitto

Would you like to learn to channel the messages of your angels? You can do this with just a little time and practice.

When you read the word channeling, what does this mean to you? The term means different things to different people. To me, it means being an open recipient to the messages of higher souls.

There are many ways of channeling. To some in the new age community, only one way of channeling exists. The belief is that a medium will go into trance and have a high soul communicate through this person’s vocal cords. The medium has no memory of the time passed if they are in a full trance, or they are in a semi-trance with some consciousness of what is happening. Their voice and mannerisms shift as the soul communicates through them.

This type of trance channeling can certainly be a way of bringing forth the messages of Spirit. However, it is very important to clarify who is being channeled. There are many souls without bodies gravitating around Planet Earth and not all of them are what we would call “high souls” or D Zone souls. D Zone souls have graduated from Planet Earth. These souls become our spiritual helpers on earth.

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How to find your Purpose in Life

The idea of having a unique life purpose is something that has fascinated me since I was a teenager. In my younger years I followed the obvious path in front of me, but slowly but surely I learned to look within and find my own passions in purpose instead of doing what everyone else expected of me.

Some people discover how to do this early in life, and some later in life, and some never do it. Whatever stage of life you are at, it is not too late to discover your unique life purpose. Here are some tips that will help you get started on this road to self-discovery.

1. Decide what you really want.

“A soul moves by desire”. The wants and desires you have provide your direction in life. If you want something, then there is something in it for you. You would not have that desire in the first place, if there was not something important for you to fulfill. We are taught a lot of concepts about wanting. We are taught that it is selfish to want material things. We are taught concepts about money, and that there is never enough. We are taught to follow a career path that is safe and sensible, instead of following our passions.

In order to find your unique purpose, you will need to sit down and be really sincere with yourself. What is it that you truly want? Write down what you want in all areas, and do not censor yourself. Material things is fine, and certainly cover career goals. But don’t forget spiritual development, personal growth and ways you want to spend your time. Our society is overly masculine, and we tend to value work and success over more feminine areas such as personal growth, hobbies, spirituality and connection. It is ALL important, and no want is any more important than another.

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How to Become Spiritually Rich

by Melissa Kitto

Many people who live a spiritual life have challenges with money. You may have deep-rooted concepts about money that are holding you back. With the ups and downs in the economy this past few years, I’ve noticed that concepts that were completely subconscious for people are now coming to the forefront. That’s great! It means it’s time to HEAL.

False concepts about money have been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. In the same way that you pick up beliefs from the people that raised you, certain concepts about money have been passed down through our culture. Long ago the churches controlled the structure of society. In Europe the poor peasants were the majority, and the church leaders needed a way to keep them poor, or the whole structure of society at that time would have collapsed.

So beliefs such as “money is the root of all evil” were spread to keep people poor and in their place. They lost their desire to change their lot. Add on to this with beliefs such as “money doesn’t make you happy” (is that money’s job??) and spiritual leaders preaching poverty, and it makes for some deep-rooted concepts within you that can be tough to change.

I have been doing some work recently about allowing more money and abundance to come into my life, and I’ve learned it all comes down to beliefs. I’d like to share with you some common beliefs about money in this article and then offer you an alternative belief to replace it with. As you read this, notice if you get cranked up by anything. If you do, just take a deep breath and be patient with yourself as you consider looking at things in a new way. If you’ve had certain beliefs for your entire life, don’t expect everything to change overnight.

Practice affirming new beliefs for yourself.

Old Belief #1: Money is the root of all evil.

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What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

by Melissa Kitto

A little while ago I attended a lecture by author Robert Scheinfeld who talked about what it was like to be spiritually enlightened.

I resonated with a lot of what he shared, and some I disagreed with. But it was definitely thought-provoking and got me thinking, what is it to be spiritually enlightened? I don’t think I have all the answers now, but I can share with you what my understanding of that is at this time, and what I am working toward. Here are the 3 Important Keys for Creating Spiritual Enlightenment in Your Life.

In Francisco Coll’s incredible book, “Dynamics of Astro Soul,” he shares that you chose to come to this Planet Earth plane because you desire to learn and grow. On a soul-level, you had such a strong desire to experience and grow spiritually from life on Planet Earth that you were drawn to create that physical body and anchor yourself here into a physical existence. Without the desire to grow, you would not have been able to manifest this physical life.

Key #1: A Soul Moves by Desire

My angels have been saying this to me several times a day for the past week, so it must be important! Your true inner desires guide you to direction in this lifetime. What do you really want? Is that what you are doing right now? If not, why not? The only way you will achieve true spiritual satisfaction is if you follow your heart’s desires.
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Chakras and the Glandular System

Saturday, September 13th, 10am-4pm
Wytestone Suites, Fredericksburg, VA
Investment $75

Chakras and the Glandular System:
Heal Your Spiritual &
Your Physical body!

Chakras graphicEastern Religions have talked about the Seven Chakra Centers for centuries. Your chakras are spinning wheels of energy that resonate with certain areas of the physical body. By opening and raising the level of energy in your Seven Chakra Centers you can experience INSTANT HEALING. Your thoughts and attitudes, whether positive or negative, influence the energy in your chakras.

When you understand the chakras and learn to heal them you will be able to create instant change within your state of consciousness and your body.

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