The Secret to Overcoming Self-Sabotage & Manifesting Anything You Desire in Life

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Consciousness?

Today, let’s look at the keyword of Upgrade. When you look at your life, the circumstances in it, your relationships etc, are you satisfied? Or do you have a long list of things you want to change and UPGRADE?

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How to Reach Your Goals Using Your Four Intuitive Impressions

You have four spiritual gifts or means of perception. Each one of these gifts is vital in helping you to be organized to achieve your goals. As a soul you move by desire. Once you clearly define what it is you want, then you can fulfill the life purpose you were born for. Each step, of Planification, Execution and Labor is essential in getting you there too. You can use each of your four spiritual gifts in each of these three steps to fully master yourself, and fulfill your purpose.

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Master Souls: What They Do and Don’t Do

You have a team of master souls or angels who are working with you all the time. Learning to connect and communicate with them can be one of the most enlightening things you do in your life!

In order to have a clear communication with your team, you need to have a good understanding of how they communicate. Think of this article as the do’s and don’ts of connecting with D Zone.

There are four zones of consciousness around Planet Earth. I’ll share more detail about this in a future article, but for now here’s a brief overview.

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Pay Attention to the Signs from Your Angels

Your angels are communicating with you all the time. You just need to pay more attention and discern. Many times, your angels will communicate with you through signs and coincidences. Learn to pay attention to these signs. When something happens over and over again, it’s not just a coincidence! It’s probably a sign or a message from your angels.

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Discover the Secret to Communicating with Your Angels

Do you have trouble communicating with your angels despite having read all the books and attended all the workshops? You’re not alone. However, if you’ve already learned techniques to establish a connection with your guides then the problem is not that you can’t communicate with your angels, it’s that you don’t discern what you are picking up.

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How to Help Your Kids to Become More Psychic

My son Liam is 2 years old now and growing fast in so many ways every day! As he is starting to talk a lot more and comprehend a lot more I am becoming more aware of how to help Liam nurture and grow his natural psychic abilities.

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How to Become Your Own Best Psychic

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Past Lives – Are They Still Affecting You Now?

Have you ever observed two siblings who have completely different personalities? You wonder how it can be possible that they react so differently to things, when they grew up in the same environment with the same parents, right?

Let’s take a bigger picture spiritual view of whom these children are. They are souls who have had many experiences before this current lifetime. They have come in to this life with certain traits and tendencies that they brought with them from their previous experiences here on Planet Earth. This includes both positive strengths, and not-so-positive blocks or fears. They will react to circumstances based on these inner traits that they brought with them.

If you are experiencing a stuck place or fear right now, there are two places this block originated. You either picked it up from someone in your environment in your first 7 years of life, or you brought it with you from a past lifetime. Either way, the block can be strong and take time to heal and shift. What I’ve noticed through working with hundreds of clients, is that if your block originated in the first 7 years, it shows up as programming and limiting beliefs. If the block originated from a past life, it shows up as an internal feeling or reaction that seems irrational.

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“I’m not getting anything!” – How to REALLY Communicate with Your Angels

So you’ve purchased the “How to Communicate with Your Angels e-book” and are ready to practice the techniques. You’re so excited to try everything and begin talking with your angels and having their support in your life. But what if you start trying to connect and you feel like “you’re not getting anything?”

If you’ve ever felt like that – don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s normal and you can get through it. I know from experience, without a doubt, that everyone can have a clear, direct communication with their angels.

So, if you’re having trouble, here are some tips that will help you to turn it around, and embrace the angelic communication that has been with you all of your life!

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